Gordon Ramsay is under fire after a Jay Leno interview of him, and Sofia Vergara resurfaced online.

During his 2010 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ramsey is seen making sexist jokes, and some were surprisingly racial as he mocked Vergara for giving her child a Hispanic name.

Ramsay also insulted a Colombian dessert Vergara brought to the show: “It tastes like sh*t fudge” he said.

The British chef is seen touching her thigh and Vergara is then forced to tell him not to touch her. There is even a part during the interview where Vergara yells “ese tipo no respeta,” which translates to “this guy does not respect me.”

Twitter did not take kindly to Ramsay's boyishly offensive display, and let him have it:

"Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid actress on television. Far more of a star than Gordon Ramsey. That really triggers outright misogyny in some men. #creep"

"ERM I just watched the video of Gordon Ramsay being gross to Sofia Vergara and I FIERCELY retract this statement,, we no longer stan"

"Most Brits think Gordon Ramsay is a d*ckhead. The Americans are just catching on to that fact. @SofiaVergara"

"Watching Gordon Ramsey speak to Sofia Vergara like that has left me sick to my stomach. Hasn't he got a daughter? Disgusting man"

"It sucks because if Sofia had smacked him upside the head like he deserved or tried to communicate to him in a serious manner that she was uncomfortable she would have been called a crazy or angry Latina."

Watch the interview below.