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Check Out New $300K Ferrari Limousine - Twitter Calls It 'GHETTO'!! (Pics)

An Australian limousine company called Exotic Limo has just listed for sale the "ultimate transportation limo", MTO News has learned. 

The company converted a 2003 Ferrari Modena into a beautiful and original stretch limo which they boast as the world's fastest limo. The "new" limo can carry 2 people in its front sports seats and eight passengers in the back cabin. 

The passengers can enjoy a cinematic surround sound system, a bar, multiple televisions and flamboyant led lighting. To access get in and out it has two gulf wing doors. 

Right now it's available for $ 286,000, which may seem like a lot of money. But a brand new Ferrari 812 costs more than $500,000 - so in a sense it is a deal.

The real question is - would you drive it?

Many people on social media are saying that the car is a little too "ghetto."

Here are some images of the limo: