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Toilet paper brand Charmin and Cottonelle have both issued statements after customers complained about the low supply following the mass panic-buying that occurred last week.

"We understand how frustrating this is, and we want you to know we take our responsibility to our consumers very seriously," Charmin's statement reads. "We are producing and shipping Charmin at record high levels, and working diligently to get product to our retailers as fast as humanly possible so everyone can #EnjoyTheGo!"

It was reported that several fights broke out across the country and in the United Kingdom over toilet paper -- customers desperate not be caught without toilet paper as the global pandemic continues.

"Our employees are working around the clock to ensure our products, manufactured right here in the U.S., get to you as quickly as possible," Cottonelle's statement read. "In the meantime, please reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns."