CHARMAINE From Black Ink Lost 20 POUNDS . . . She No Longer Has A . . . FUPA!!!

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Charmaine Johnise from VH1s it series Chicago Black Ink has lost a BUNCH of weight - 20 pounds to be exact. She lost it the old fashion way, through diet and exercise NOT surgery.

You'll recall that on last season of Black Ink Charmaine was talking to her boyfriend about having a FUPA - a "fat upper p***y area". At the time her boyfriend said that he liked it. But Charmaine wanted to tighten up her body.

So she went to the gym, and cut carbs from her diet (mostly at least). And look at the results. Her body looks AMAZING!


Reports say that, "Charmaine is more than a pretty face on the show. She’s a pretty good chef and she recently launched an apron line. To add, her boyfriend Neek, who is the CEO of Relevant Productions, developed her All Things Charmaine app for iOS and Android devices. They are raising the bar on power couple goals."

Charmaine also recently talked to RollingOut magazine about what makes her passionate and this is what she said:

What inspires me to show up to work every day [are] my passion and the examples my mother and father set. They are hard-working people who would sacrifice anything for me. I also have the opportunity of a lifetime now and I am not going to let it pass me up. I want to climb to the top and be a legend in the game.

And with her new weight loss she's feeling more confident, but she isn't considering herself "perfect":

If I could change one thing about myself, I think it would be how nice I am. I am too nice sometimes. People can take kindness for weakness and people be trying me sometimes. At the end of the day, I am from the South; my parents raised me to treat others how you want to be treated.