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Charlotte Held DU-RAG FESTIVAL . . . Gave Prize To Man . . . With The FRESHEST WAVES!!


Charlotte, North Carolina is a big city . . . but at the same time . .  it can be GHETTO AS F**K. This past weekend, Charlotte hosted it's annual DU-RAG FESTIVAL. Yes, an entire festival that's celebrating Du-rags and du-rag culture.

The festival was meant for young and old. And there were many children spotted in the crowd - wearing du-rags. One child looked to be about 1 year old and he had a FRESH HEAD OF WAVES underneath his du-rag stocking cap.


The festival also held a "Wave Contest", and the man above won - with a fresh 360 degree wave pattern.

Oh, and there was also ART on exhibit. Including one painting of Jesus and his apostles - all wearing wave caps. Look:


Here is a video from the event:

The festival's official Facebook event page said that, "Durag Fest is a celebration of the deconstruction, misconceptions and biases surrounding the iconic item that is “The Durag." 

It was for all genders, too:


And here's one video that's a compilation of the event: