Hollywood actress Charlize Theron just raised a bunch of eyebrows today, by suggesting that her adopted child Jackson is transgender. To the best of our knowledge, Charlize has only two children - 7 year old Jackson and 4 year old August - both are Black.

In an interview today at Amazon studios, Charlize told Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan she can't wait to share Black Panther with her two African-American daughters.

 Here's a tweet from Variety, confirming Charlize's quote:

When Jackson was young - he was a little different. At just 3 years old, the child - who was a huge Frozen fan - chose to wear a blonde wig and a dress, just like his favorite character Elsa.

Jackson continued to wear dresses, and tutus in the years since, and many have wondered whether the child was transgender. Now Charlize has added more fuel to the speculation.

But let's not judge her. Many social justice advocates say it is healthy for parents to allow young children to explore genders, to determine where they belong on the gender spectrum. It may be a new parenting philosophy, but it is supported by scientific research.

Here are some before and after photos of young Jackson dressed as a boy and later as a girl. Here's Jackson as a "boy", when he was much younger:


Jackson now, wearing what many consider to be girl's clothes (along with sister August)