Charlie Sheen's Ex Claims She's Seen Pics Of 'RHOBH's Denise Richards In Bed With Women!!

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Charlie Sheen's ex-fiance, Brett Rossi, has claimed that she has seen pictures of Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's star Denise Richards in bed with another woman.

The claim comes as Denise continues to deny Brandi Glanville's allegation that they slept together.

"I absolutely believe Brandi," Rossi said per Celeb Magazine. "I know this because I've seen photos of Denise sleeping with another woman, so I know Denise likes women as well as men.

"I feel like maybe Denise feels like being bisexual or having some sort of open relationship would tarnish her 'good girl/saint' image she's worked all these years to create."

She then had some harsh words to say about Denise.

"Denise is a bully. I don't even know Brandi. I don't even watch their show, but I saw the tabloids and I felt sad that she was getting eaten alive by them because for some reason the tabloids always play Denise's side as if she's some saint."