Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen's ex, Brooke Mueller is back in rehab after she was spotted holding a drug pipe containing crystal meth on camera.

According to Page Six, Brooke drove to Queens trying to score crystal meth, cocaine, and "black tar" heroin, in a recording obtained by the outlet.

"Now we are almost at Queens. Actually, what we want is, if it's possible, cocaine and meth, crystal and coke, and if it's even possible, it has to be the tar, black tar," she is heard saying on the tape.

The outlet reports that she was seen crouching, holding up a lighter with the pipe between her legs.

"Brooke has voluntarily checked herself into a trauma center on the East Coast and is under the supervision of a team of professionals. Like millions of other people, staying sober is a daily challenge and she is working hard to overcome her disease," a spokesperson said in a statement.

Brooke is Sheen's third wife and mother to their twin boys.