Charlamagne Tha God is not known for biting his tongue, and this week, he had some harsh words for white rapper, Post Malone - calling him a "fake Future."

During a sitdown for Where's Wallo, Charlamagne was asked which rapper he could do without, and Post Malone was the first artist to cross the outspoken radio host and author's mind.

"Post Malone definitely, and for no other reason other than I'm just probably hating. I don't really dig his music like that. I think he's a fake Future and Future gets so much flack for being Future but then you got a guy out there pretending to be Future, and that's Post Malone," he told Wallo 267.

But according to Charlamagne, he doesn't dislike Post.

"There's nobody that I really hate in rap right now. There's nobody that I absolutely despise, I don't even despise Post Malone like that. Just at the top of my mind, you ask me who I would get up out of [the rap game] and he would definitely be one."

Y'all agree that Post Malone is a fake Future?