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Charlamagne Tha God has responded to claims by Nicki Minaj that he led a "hate train" against her in a bid to bring her down.

Charlamagne was not a guest on her show on Monday, but that did not stop Nicki from unloading on him in his absence while ripping into Joe Budden.

"Nicki and I have had conversations about this via phone call and via text message. We've had these discussions about this 'hate train.' It's not true. If she wants to believe that and wants her fans to believe that, it's cool," said Charlamagne on a recent airing of The Breakfast Club.

DJ Envy also weighed in to deny claims that he had reached out to Nicki:

"First of all, I did not text Nicki Minaj yesterday. What happened was when she was talking spicy yesterday - me and her deejay, DJ Boof - have a great relationship. I was like, 'This is the Nicki I love. She needs to put this in music. I love when she talks spicy.' That's what I said to Boof. He probably let her see it. I don't even have Nicki's number."

Charlamange continued to give his side of the story:

"I love Nicki Minaj. Nicki put me on her second album [...]. Nicki and I always had a solid relationship. It went south when I said "Anaconda" was wack. But the moral of the story is I love Nicki Minaj. And the respect she's telling everybody she deserves, she has already. I have gotten on this radio a million times and said this whole new wave of female rap is because of Nicki Minaj. She is the leader of the new school when it comes to female emcees and nobody can take that away from her," he continued.

"Nicki, we love you. We just don't want you to become the rap game's Mo'Nique. We don't want you blaming everybody but yourself for whatever issues you may have. Don't make us start calling you 'Mo'nika.' But we love you for real."