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Good news for Blac Youngsta as the charges for him shooting at rapper Young Dolph more than 100 times have all been dropped.

The rapper, who hails from Memphis, posted a text message from his lawyer, Arthur Horne onto his Instagram account.

"I hope you're ready for some good news," the text message begins. 

"All of your charges in Charlotte have been DISMISSED. It's time TO celebrate A victory. I told you when you brought me on your case, losing was not an option. We've sacrificed sleep working on your case because I'm not just your lawyer, this was a family fight lil bruh. Those are FACTS. Gotti told you, it's not just about the money for me, this is what I do, fight for justice. We take care of family and we are family. It's no coincidence that right when you dropped your new single, your cases were DISMISSED. Look at God working. Now it's time to move forward, get this money, make these hits, build your legacy and make history FOR GOD's GLORY. Now take your ass out there and give your fans at Rolling Loud a show. CMG and HEAVY CAMP for life."

The charges stem from a shootout which took place near the end of the CIAA college basketball tournament in February of 2017. Over 100 rounds were fired at Dolph's SUV - which fortunately was bulletproof.