Chance The Rapper Is Spotted Out With His Girlfriend . . . He's Dating A WHITE GIRL!!!

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Chance The Rapper is coming under FIRE - for defending Donald Trump, and Kanye West's anti-Black rant earlier this week.

In fact, Chance's comments were so pleasing to those on the far right  - that they caused the President Trump to thank Chance for helping Black people "understand" him better.

Almost immediately Chance realized that he made a huge mistake - and he apologized to his fans. He also walked back his support for Kanye and Donald Trump.

But to many of Chance's fans - it was TOO LITTLE too late. He's been coming under increased pressure and scrutiny in the past 24 hours.

MTO News obtained a recent pic of Chance - out on a date with his new GF. And would you look at that . . . he's dating a White girl.


A report from CNN further details the DRAMA and mess that Chance got himself into:

Chance the Rapper rejected a "thank you" from President Donald Trump on Friday and explained that he supported Kanye West, who is under fire for expressing affection for the President, because the Chicago rapper is "family" — not because he agrees with his views.

"Kanye West has performed a great service to the Black Community - Big things are happening and eyes are being opened for the first time in Decades - Legacy Stuff! Thank you also to Chance and Dr. Darrell Scott, they really get it (lowest Black & Hispanic unemployment in history)," Trump tweeted Friday morning, reveling once again in the support he received from the hip-hop mogul.

"I'd never support anyone who has made a career out of hatred, racism and discrimination," Chance tweeted Friday.