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Chaka Khan On Ariana Grande: F*ck Her, She’s Alright!!

Chaka Khan sat down with Luenell from Vlad TV, where she was asked about collaborating with younger artists -- but she had a few surprising words when she was asked about the possibility of working with pop singer, Ariana Grande.

"F*ck her, she's alright," Khan said. "She's good on her own. She don't need -- plus, I don't wanna sing with another woman. I ain't got nothing to say, OK, with a woman. You say it by yourself. We ain't gonna talk about no man. We not gonna do none of that stuff. It's not happening."

Luenell replied, "This is what an old boss bitch can do. You can say sh*t like that."

"Yes, I can," the singer responded. "And I can do it. I'm not gonna do no song with no heifer."

The pair have actually worked together on a song in the past -- perhaps the experience left a bad taste in Chaka's mouth?