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Chaka Khan Denies Sleeping w/ Rick James: He Was Too Worn!!

Legendary singer Chaka Khan has denied rumors that she once bedded late singer, Rick James -- she says he was "too worn" for her.

Comedian Luenell asked Chaka whether she slept with Rick James.

"Hell nah! I wouldn't have touched him with your stuff," she said. "He was too worn…Nah. Nah. That sh*t was..Ner. Unnt unn. I was not that kind of woman ever…I may have had a couple of mercy situations but…"

Chaka says she was very careful about whom she gave her body. She maintains that her body count is low.

"But I can actually remember and count on two hands, without using all my fingers, how many men I've been with. And that's a fact."

Luenell later asked Chaka if she had a boyfriend. Chaka told her she did not be seemed unsure as to whether or not she would like one.

Check the video clip below.