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Chadwick Boseman's Wife's Friends FIGHTING ON IG w/ His First Love!! (Messy)

Chadwick Boseman passed away last week, after a long and grueling bout with cancer, and since his passing, many of his old friends and family members have posted on social media about his death and their feelings of loss - including an old girlfriend.

Before his passing, Chad married his longtime love Taylor Simone Ledward. Taylor has been silent since her husband's death. But MTO News has learned that her girlfriends haven't been.

Yesterday one of Chadwick's ex-girlfriends - a woman who describes herself as the actor's first love - posted her feelings online. And Taylor's girlfriends went on the attack.

MTO News learned that shortly after the woman posted about Chad, a group of women - including Chad's wife's friends - flooded the woman's comments with angry messages.

The ex-girlfriend wrote:

My unyielding forever love to The Entire Boseman Family, my heart is with you.

HU Department of Fine Arts, The Griots of Our Ancestral Traditions, I love you.

We all have seeds that were planted in us, in unique ways by THE GRIOT, CHAD. We must nurture, water and cultivate those seeds as a responsibility to honor that gift. Chad in all your many other worldly, multifaceted layers of exquisiteness you represent a multitude of things to many people.

This is who you are to me, Chad, sweet, beautiful masterpiece. God’s divinely chosen one. The one, the man who forever changed my life, as part of the very stitching of the tapestry that has become me.

Eternally-- I love you.

She also posted a video, with old pics of her and Chad:

Here are some of the responses that she received:


So what do you think, are Taylor's friends right to check her or did she also have a right to share her grief publicly?