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Black Panther stars Michael B Jordan and Chadwick Boseman got into what is being described as a "fight" yesterday before the Golden Globes event show in Los Angeles, MTO News is hearing.

According to a top industry insider Chadwick and Michael got into a physical altercation shortly before the event started.

The insider explained, "Chadwick and Michael don't really like each other - Chad is very arrogant and Michael doesn't like that."

According to an insider, Black Panther stars Danai Gurira, Lupita N'yongo, Michael and Chadwick were in a staging area - preparing to walk the red carpet when Chad and Michael started arguing. And according to our insider, Michael - who stars in the new movie Creed - put hands on Chadwick.

"It wasn't an argument about anything particular, it's been building up for some time," the insider told MTO News.

Security broke up the incident, before anyone was hurt. But Chadwick, who got the worst in the altercation, refused to be around Michael for the rest of the evening.

Chadwick did NOT walk the red carpet with the rest of the Black Panther cast. And we have receipts for that.

Here are pics from the red carpet - you see Michael, Danai and Lupita - but no Chadwick:

Here are the three stars, with director Ryan Coogler - no Chadwick:

And we have more receipts, that Chadwick didn't want to be around his castmates.. The entire Black Panther cast was supposed to be sitting together during the Golden Globes. Look, here is the seating arrangement:

Yet MTO News confirmed that Chadwick and his girlfriend sat at a different table, away from his Black Panther castmates.

And there's more. The one time that Michael and Chadwick were together, during the presentation of a Golden Globe award - there was an awkward tension.

Here's video:


Hopefully the two actors can work out their differences, and continue making great movies together.