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Chad Wheeler's Ex-GF Speaks: Chad Was Trying To Kill Me!!

The ex-girlfriend of former Seattle Seahawks player Chad Wheeler has spoken out about the alleged attack -- saying he tried to kill her.

“I had touched my face and I looked down and there was blood on my hand and I remember getting up and running to the bathroom,” Alleah Taylor told CBS. “Chad was standing by the bed, by the doorway and he was sipping his smoothie and was like ‘wow you’re still alive?’"

She told the news outlet that Chad allegedly strangled her to the point of unconsciousness when she refused to “bow” to him. 

“I was able to run to the bathroom, he went back into the living room to continue eating. I had texted his dad too and told him that Chad was trying to kill me, Chad’s dad called him while he was eating and while I was in the bathroom and he answered and he didn’t have any worry at all,” Taylor continued. “Chad was like ‘I’m just eating dinner, nothing’s going on and that, that terrified me.”