Chad Johnson is making headlines again after he appears to backpedal on a wedding date set for him to marry Michelle Williams.

In a recent episode of Chad Loves Michelle, Michelle reveals that she wanted to be married before the year's end. Chad agrees to a wedding before the end of the year, but in the car ride home, he seems to have had a change in mood - and backpedals.

Chad admits that he doesn't know when they should get married, shocking Michelle. He claims that he needs more opinions about whether or not they should tie the knot.

Fans are already weary of Chad's motives. Chad, who appears to love the spotlight, seems content on painting Michelle as a perpetual victim, even going as far as to call himself her "caregiver."

A definite red flag. We think Ms. Williams can do better. 

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About Chad Loves Michelle:

Chad Loves Michelle from Relevé Entertainment and InventTV, will feature an honest inside look at the path to marriage between Grammy award-winning singer Michelle Williams, one-third of chart-topping Destiny's Child, and Chad Johnson, sports chaplain to professional sports organizations.