Celebrities have responded to Tommy Boy Records only giving De La Soul 10% of their streaming revenue by joining the boycott.

Not only are Tommy Boy refusing to offer a fair deal, but the label has refused to clear any samples on the albums, which means that the group is vulnerable to any potential lawsuits.

“I don’t know what [Tommy Boy’s] deals were with clearing samples, but back then a lot was probably done on a handshake, especially when you’re an independent. Nothing comes to the surface until it actually turns into something. If I was the record company at that time, I would have probably thought it was a small thing and not cleared it: ‘This little 30-second thing, who would come after that?’ And it happened! I think by the time [the catalog] got to Warner Bros., people started come out of the woodwork, and I think for the most part [those] people are the ones whose business didn’t get dealt with," Maseo said on Sway.

But celebs are rallying behind the group and calling Tommy Boy Records out over their shady dealings

In response to the boycott, Jay-Z is refusing to add their catalog to TIDAL in support of the group.

The Roots drummer, Questlove also weighed in on social media, pledging his support to the group.

"As much as it pains me to not cop 10 of those issues each and share all their timeless work of genius to a generation that has no clue—-join me in standing w De La Soul in this #TommyBOYCOTT," he wrote on Instagram.

Queens rapper Nas also chimed in:

"DE LA SOUL is the foundation for the young or old, Hip Hop lovers or not. It’s UNIVERSAL RESPECT for these brothers! My friends. Word to the GZA - “Tommy ain’t my motherfucker boy” When you don’t respect the foundation you’re Doomed for Bad Karma! Look out for New Moves Made by De La & i. #delasoul #realunity #Tommyboycott #respecttheartist"

If you'd like to join the boycott and support De La Soul, stick to physical copies and only purchase or stream their albums - 'And the Anonymous Nobody…' (2016) and 'The Grind Date' (2004).