Fellas like to pretend that they're only into model types, but everybody - everybody, has a secret list of people they'd get up close and personal with in private... but maybe not in public.

This is the list of potential Suga Mamas and celebrity crushes we think deserve a mention for keeping y'all hot under the collar in 2019.

Loni Love.

Loni Love has a steady job. One that involves using her intellect and intelligence which is sexy. Sure, she may not be shaped like a model, but we bet she could have you laughing all the way into the sack!

Loni could take care of her man if needed, and she is down with the swirl too... This busty, out-spoken talk show co-host could undoubtedly show you a thing two... and you know you'd secretly be up for it!



Oprah is a billionaire. She has her own television network. She has her own magazine and she is ridiculously rich. She also has no children, so if Oprah were your Suga Mama, she'd have plenty of time to take you shopping!

After years of battling with her fluctuating weight, Oprah has mastered a healthy lifestyle and is now the face and the brains behind Weight Watchers.

Can you really look at all Oprah and all of her achievements and say you'd pass her up on a date if she tried to holla? We don't think so.


Vicki Gunvalson.

This Real Housewives of Orange County was recently demoted, but fortunately, Vicki is worth millions of dollars thanks to her successful insurance business.

Her time on the Bravo show has been rocked with controversy. There was the time she allegedly lied for her ex-boyfriend, Brooks, about his cancer diagnosis. There was the time she accused cast member Kelly Dodd of using cocaine and then later, of being involved in an eight-man "sex train." Vicki's tongue is vicious. But she's always up for a good time, and she takes care of her men.

If you can get past the bitchiness and the botched botox... she's a great catch!


Candace Owens.

We know there's a lot to not like about Candace Owens. She praised Trump's nationalist boasts, likening them to Adolf Hitler's Nazi goals. She recently stated that police brutality is a "myth," and called Ben Carson a "hero."

There's not a doubt in our mind that Owens permanently resides in the sunken place - but she is a hottie, and we have spoken to plenty of men who admitted that they would "date" the political commentator - as long as they could keep it hidden from the homies!


Tiffany Haddish.

She's loud. Her comedy is touch and go, but Tiffany is as down to earth as they come - and she really wants a man.

Poor Vic Mensa is still traumatized by the fact that Tiff allegedly grabbed his genitals when meeting her - something that was quickly dismissed by the industry, which means that she must be earning super coins for these Hollywood execs.

She may be a little rough around the edges, but don't act like y'all don't secretly drool over Tiff when she's dolled up for an awards show... Ya'll tryna see what that potty mouth do!


Nene Leakes.

Don't front. Nene Leakes is fine, and y'all think so too even if you won't ever publicly admit it.

Every now and again, Nene posts a bikini pic on the Gram, which sets tongues wagging. Any work Nene has had done is tasteful, and her skin is flawless.

We've heard a few complaints about Nene rocking her ponchos, maxi dresses, and jeans - but she's shown and proven that she's got what it takes to turn all your heads... it doesn't have to be on display for the world to see 24/7.

As her man, you'd have to treat her right because she'd read you for filth, but when you see this on your timeline... can y'all really say that Nene doesn't get you hot?


Kris Jenner.

Not a far-fetched addition to the list. Kris already has herself a chocolate toyboy - and probably for these reasons.

She's rich. And she's famous. And her surgeon does an excellent job. After her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner (back when Caitlyn was Bruce,) she decided that she was done with old white men.

Let's forget for a moment how problematic she is... Kris has her ish together, and she does not look 64! And that's why y'all secretly follow her on the Gram!