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A popular celebrity couple broke up because she lied about being "celibate" - and was allegedly caught getting some side d*ck.

A snitch reached out to MTO News with some potentially EXPLOSIVE allegations, surrounding the breakup of a popular celebrity couple.

The couple had been together for some time and were both committed to having a celibate relationship until marriage.

Well, word is that while HE was comporting with his vow of celibacy, SHE was not.

The insider claims, "[The guy] caught [the female] in a bunch of lies. It turns out that she had some side d*ck that she was hiding from him. All the while she was claiming celibacy but was getting d*cked down on the low."

It's a shame that she couldn't wait, because new studies show that celibacy before marriage is great for the s*x life.

Professor Dean Busby of Brigham Young University studied 2,035 married people ranging in age from 19 to 71, married from less than six months to more than 20 years. 

Dr. Busby's research showed that couples who waited until after marriage to have sex, rate their sex life better, reported that their marriages were more stable and satisfying, and their communication was better than couples who had not waited.

Busby 's report stated, "When couples become sexual early in the relationship ... other areas do not develop as well...Couples who wait spend time talking and sharing their life, getting to know each other in other ways, strengthening their relations and creating greater relationship satisfaction."