The VH1 hit show Basketball Wives is being hit with explosive allegations of "colorism" - or bias against dark skinned Black women.

And the drama unfolded on the Basketball Wives reunion, which was filmed on Sunday in Los Angeles.

It all started when production refused to allow one of the cast members, OG, to sit on the same stage as the rest of the women. According to production, OG was considered too "aggressive" to sit on the main stage - and was forced to film in a separate room.

Production was worried that OG - who has never initiated any physical attacks against anyone on the show - would harm one of her cast mates.

It's an odd position to take, given that three cast members, Evelyn, Feby and Jackie - were actually involved in violent altercations this season. The difference is - all those women were light skinned or Latina.

At one point during the reunion, Cece suggested that OG's treatment may have been so harsh because of her skin complexion.

One source in the audience confirmed, "Cece was upset that they wouldn't allow OG on the set, and she said that she thought that it was [because of] her skin color."

"OG agreed, but the b*tch a** host Marc Lamont Hill shut down the discussion. He was like 'It's not about colorism and we're not going there. Let's move on'," the audience member continued.

But Cece wasn't prepared to move on. At the next break, she LEFT the reunion show - before taping was over - in protest of what she deemed to be colorism against her friend OG.

Here's Cece confirming that she left early: