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'Celebrity Big Brother' season two star Dina Lohan has broken up with her online boyfriend according to reports.

During her stint in the Big Brother house, Lohan reveals that she was in a relationship with a man that she had never met face to face 

Her ex Jesse Nadler told TMZ that the pair, who had never met in real life, had finally set up a time to meet, but broke up before that could happen due to a fight.

But according to PEOPLE “there was no meeting scheduled” as “Dina was already suspicious that he was media hungry and she is in talks about doing several new shows, including a dating show.”

“This guy wants his 15 minutes of fame — he just proved her suspicions correct,” the source told them.

Lohan admitted on the show that they had been talking for five years and had never even Facetimed but he claimed that they had met.