Caught On Camera Trying To Kidnap Child In Public Bathroom - Brutally Beaten!!


A woman from Charlotte, North Carolina was brutally beaten by a mother after the stranger allegedly tried to abduct a child inside of a public bathroom. Now MTO News has learned that the police are looking to speak to the mother and the alleged abductor, to find out exactly what happened.


HERE IS THE FULL INCIDENT ON VIDEO - warning contains violence

It all started when a deranged woman began speaking to a 3-year-old girl, while inside a public bathroom. The mother of the child tried to get the woman to stop harassing the scared child, but the deranged woman refused to stop.

Then the deranged woman began calling for the child to come to her - so that she could take the toddler with her.

The mother then flew into a rage and began beating the deranged woman. Eventually, passersby pulled the protective mom off of the woman, and both ladies were allowed to leave.

Later, according to social media reports, police arrived on the scene and interviewed witnesses - but both women had left.

MTO News has learned that police are now looking to question both women.

HERE IS THE FULL INCIDENT ON VIDEO - warning contains violence