MTO SHOCK CLAIM: Woman Claims That Kylie's Boyfriend TYGA Is A PIMP . . . Tried To Recruit Her . . . For PROSTITUTION!!! (Pics And Details)


A woman wrote into the website The Dirty, claiming that Tyga tried to recruit her for prostitution. Read her story. What's crazy is that she says that Tyga said that he could make her a "Dash Doll" if she agreed.

I sent a couple photos of myself to Tyga and he responded telling me to get to Houston. And asking how he’d know if I was actually about it this time.

I told him I wasn’t given enough details before and didn’t know what was being asked of me. He replied to that saying that I’d be given opportunities but I needed to be for real and get to Houston. I asked him what types of opportunities, specifically. He said music videos, photoshoots and possibly a deal with Dash Dolls. He wanted me to send him pictures and videos. But I was in the car and never did.

Then I received another text from Tyga saying “Where u”? I told him I was in *******. And he replied saying I never sent him the stuff he had asked for. I lied and said that I sent pictures to him and he never replied. He said he never got them and to resend them. So I sent three more photos of myself. Then he asked “U at home right now”? and told me to “Put that ass on the bed and FaceTime me." He also said he was "going to black his cam and mute his mic." I was kind of worried what he was going to ask me to do on FaceTime and that he may have others with him and I wouldn’t be able to see.

I told him I would need to see that it's him. And he replied saying “Miss me with all that sh*t I already facetimed u." I then said “How do I know there’s not an audience tho?" To which he said “I don't do sh*t like that. Get that ass on camera in the next 2 minutes. I aint got time 4 games." At this point, I was finding the entire thing humorous and strange that someone I don’t even know is demanding me to do things. So I decided to keep playing around with him solely to keep the conversation going and try to get more information from him. I think there was still maybe a little hope that maybe he could get me linked up with Dash Dolls or with a legit modeling agency.

After the FaceTime, Tyga and I kept texting. He asked me what my goals were. I told him modeling. To which he told me he “can help with that but I got to know u can get money. I got my n*gga who can book u on licks. U keep 50%. If u trying to make money." I responded asking what ‘licks’ were? He said “F*ckin 4 bread." After this, I got a little irritated because I felt like I had been lied to and given the run-around; with false hopes of modeling and other potential opportunities. Realizing that it is a prostitution gig that Tyga and possibly other famous rappers are running, I decided to give up the information I had to shed light on this situation and hopefully put an end to it.

Here is a pic of the woman.