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MTO News received a Blind Item that's making it's rounds on the Internet. It allegedly is about a popular Marvelr actor. It's a long read, but VERY interesting.

He is an extremely popular and well-liked actor. He is an integral part of the Marvel outfit.

He had a fling with an ambiguously black girl who was the same age as him back in 1999/2000. She got pregnant. He didn’t know until the baby was born. He only found out because her parents had their hands out for his cash from the second their granddaughter made the scene. He and the mom were through and only on congenial terms, but he wanted to at least be part of his daughter’s life.

The mother’s parents wouldn’t have it, and instead proposed that he pay child support, sign his parental rights over, and go on his merry way. They didn’t want their family, including his own daughter, to be exposed to his Hollywood lifestyle. He wasn’t the star that he is now, but everyone knew it was only a matter of time, and they were right. He is exactly what and where people thought he would be, her parents especially.

The attention, notoriety, and general Hollywood craziness, they wanted no part of it. They wanted that Hollywood money, though, and they got it. Another reason they wanted him to keep away is because he and the mom never really finished what they started, and they were afraid she would get back together with him and all hell would break loose. The parent are white-collar, and well-moneyed black folks from the South. The bougie, Huxtable, Jack and Jill/Links types who look down on the dad’s profession.

Legal docs and confidentiality agreements were signed. He agreed to never talk about the mom or their daughter, and he also agreed to never try to see her. He occasionally sent things other than the support, to establish some semblance of him being in her life, but that’s it.

The birth certificate only lists her mom. The family has maintained that she never knew who the father was, that she was reckless and just got pregnant following a one-night stand.

Mother and daughter never wanted for anything. She never had to ask for more money because he always adjusted the amount as he ascended the Hollywood ranks and got bigger paydays. Aside from never having her father in her life, the daughter is a great kid who has accomplished a lot to be so young. She loves to sing, dance, write, and act. Acting is her biggest passion. Singing, and she has an incredible voice, is a close second.

Tragedy struck a few months ago. The mother either overdosed on prescription meds accidentally, or she had an allergic reaction to her meds. Regardless of how it happened, she’s gone. Between what her daughter will inherit from her late mother and the money her father has sent for her wellbeing all these years, the girl is set for life.

My source says that she is now looking for her dad. Her grandfather is also gone, and her grandmother won’t say shit. She doesn’t really have any family outside of her, her mom’a siblings, and a few cousins. The family is small and not close-knit.

She willl probably never find him, unless he reaches out to her. She is now eighteen, headed to an Ivy in the fall, and has no idea that she is the child of a very famous, very rich actor. Yes, he knows about her mom’s death. My source told him personally. He supposedly hasn’t reached out because of the grandmother, who again told him to keep his distance and focus on himself.

For the time being, he is perfectly fine with continuing to pay support. It’s supposed to end in a few months, but he has no intention of stopping. He has already arranged for her tuition and expenses to be paid without her knowing it came from him. He just bought her a BMW. Her grandmother lied and said that she paid for it herself, from money she got from her late husband’s insurance money, but that’s a bald-faced lie. It came from her dad. She and her husband were well off, but were rather greedy when setting the terms for support for their grandchild. The dad knows this, but is overly generous, anyway. He even bought grandma a luxury car when he bought the BMW.

Don’t be surprised if you see him with a young biracial woman in the coming months. She’s not his girlfriend. She’s his daughter.