INSTA-THOT Is Coming Under Fire . . . For Leaving Allegedly RACIST Tweets . . . But SOME Online Say She DESERVES A PASS . . . 'Because Her BUTT IS SO BIG'!! (Pics And TWEET)

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Instagram THOTTIE YESJULZ is coming under fire for tweeting out what many people suggest is a "Racist" tweet. Here's what the Caucasian "model" tweeted out yesterday:

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There is a debate going on about YesJulz Tweet online. Some people are blasting her and calling her a "racist." Others are giving her "a pass" to use the N-word because she's a part of URBAN CULTURE and is dating a Black man.

But others online are saying that she deserves a pass - just because she has a BIG BUTT.

Which camp are you in???