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Cassie Ventura and her model/trainer boyfriend Alex Fine are expecting a baby together. MTO News has learned.

Cassie announced that she and the very handsome Alex are expecting a daughter together on Instagram this morning.

News of Cassie's pregnancy comes just a few weeks after Diddy confirmed that he's moved on from their relationship. Cassie, 32, had been dating Sean "Diddy" Combs for 10 years, before the two split last fall.

Diddy posted pics of him with his new Asian young girlfriend on social media two weeks ago:


Cassie and Alex had been rumored to have broken up in the Spring after both Cassie and Alex removed photos of each other from their respective social media pages and stopped following each other.

But it's clear that whatever the couple was going through at the time, has passed. And they both seem very excited to be bringing a child into the world together.

Congratulations to Cassie . . . 

"Can't wait to meet our baby girl," the 32 year-old "Paradise" star wrote alongside a picture of herself in a car with 26 year-old Fine, a competitive bull rider and celebrity trainer.

Fine and Cassie began dating after the singer ended her 12-year relationship with hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs and the bullrider is clearly excited to start a family, as evidenced by a loving note he posted to Cassie on Instagram. "I promise you that I will do every single thing in my power to support you and help you. I promise that you will never be alone," he wrote. "I promise that you will be loved beyond expectation and we will show our children how to be in a healthy relationship. I promise to always come home with a great attitude and give our children and you undivided attention. I promise to always keep you and the child first nothing comes before you... You two are my greatest loves I have and will ever have. I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together and to raise a beautiful happy child in our beautiful happy life."