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Cassie Venture secretly wed her new boyfriend, MTO News has learned. And Cassie's ex Sean "Diddy" Combs is in complete shock and utter disarray by her surprise move.

Cassie has been sporting a gold wedding band now for the past month, and one of Diddy's close friends is claiming that Cassie got secretly married to her new boyfriend.

The insider did not have exact details of when Cassie's nuptials took place.

According to the insider, who is very close to the music mogul, Diddy is in "complete shock" that Cassie not only left him, but that she actually married someone. The insider explained, "[Diddy] felt that she would always come back. Now she's married, it's a big blow to his heart . .. and his ego."

Here's Cassie, look at her wedding ring finger.

Here she was yesterday, shopping in Los Angeles:


Here she is in other pictures she posted online over the past few weeks:

Here's her new hubby, Alex Fine, who used to be her personal trainer:

Diddy and Cassie dated for 10 years, before she abruptly dumped him - and started dating her personal trainer last fall. Now just a few months later, she married Alex.

Cassie is known for being a style icon due to her "edgy style" and "feminine" and "sophisticated" fashion. Cassie is also known for setting the trend among women of shaving their hair, after Cassie shaved hers in 2009 influenced by punk. She has cited Kate Moss as her style influence.