Cassidy ACCUSED Of Trying To HAVE S*X With Transgender!! (Receipts)

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A transgender woman is claiming that rapper Cassidy slid into her DMs - and tried to have relations with the t-girl.

Rapper Cassidy is known for being on of the best lyricists of the 2000s hip hop era. But today he's trending on social media for a DIFFERENT reason.

The transgender took to social media to "expose" the rap star. According to the t-girl, she's "exposing Cassidy so that his behavior comes to light."

The t-girl gave a 20 minute interview - where she detailed a series of conversations that she had with Cassidy.

The woman claims that she slid into Cassidy's DMs on Instagram, and struck up a conversation. The t-girl claims that form the beginning she was open and honest about her "transgender" status. Here's a pic of the girl:


The two allegedly  started texting back and forth sharing videos and pics. Here are some of the alleged text messages between them:


The woman gave a long and detailed interview, during which she claims that Cassidy asked to have a threesome with his "wife" and the transgender.

The interviewer in the video claims that they have RECEIPTS beyond the text messages. The interviewer claims to have nude pics and video of Cassidy, that he allegedly sent to the transgender.

Watch the full video, where she spills the alleged tea: