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BREAKING NEWS: CASH ME OUTSIDE Just Hit The Jackpot . . . You Won't BELIEVE . . The Contract That They Gave That Little DELINQUENT!!

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According to an article on the website Inquisitr, Danielle 'CASH ME OUTSIDE' Bregoli just signed a new record deal. And as a result of her new contract, the website is claiming that Danielle is now worth more than $10 MILLION. Remember, she's only been hot for LESS THAN A YEAR.

Here's what they're reporting:

Now that Bregoli has a recording contract and a big audience, she will be able to fetch even more for endorsements and could move into the higher side of the scale for reality television talent, which is up to $10 million for “A-list players,” according to Business Insider. While Bregoli will likely not be to the level of Kim Kardashian or the stars of popular programs like Pawn Stars, her recording contract and endorsements will help contribute to the net worth and could realistically have it topping $10 million — and all thanks to a catchphrase from the Dr. Phil show.