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Cash Me Outside Girl . . . Punched WOAH VICKI In The Head . . . We Got VIDEO!!


Two of social media's most ANNOYING trolls got into a fist fight yesterday in Los Angeles. 15-year-old Danielle "Cash Me Outside" Bregnoli and 18-year-old Woah Vicki got into a war of words — that turned into FISTS.

The two social media stars started arguing publicly outdoors in Los Angeles — over some nonsense. And then, "Cash Me Outside," threw a sucker punch, and popped Woah Vicky in the dome.

Danielle can be seen in the video yelling and cursing at Woah Vicky. She took her shoes off and everything, and had her hoodie up covering her hair. Woah Vicky seemed calm until Danielle pops off like a firecracker. There was a huge crowd that formed around the two girls. 

Danielle felt very CONFIDENT because her giant security guard was there. It seemed like Vicky was just out with friends and probably wasn't expecting on running into Danielle.

Here is the video:

Other angle:

The two girls have HAD beef. Because back in 2017 they were see having words with each other over FaceTime. 

But Danielle because of her BIG MOUTH has been beefing with a bunch of people including rapper Takashki 6x9. Danielle was mad because 6x9 denied her a song feature.

But Woah Vicky hasn't been that free from trouble with the law because back in February, Vicky was arrested and charged for trespassing and assault on a police officer after a disturbance at a North Carolina mall, according to