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'Cash Me Outside' Girl Bhad Bhabie Gets Surgery To Turn BLACK!! (Pics)

Remember the little "Cash Me Outside" girl from the Dr Phil Show, her name is Danielle Bregnoli. She eventually became a social media star and female rapper named Bhad Bhabie.

Well she's trending again.

According to reports, Bhad Bhabie had multiple surgeries to change her race from White . .. to Black.

Social media reports say that the 17 year old teen got lip injections, and a nose job to widen her nose.

And she's reportedly taking tanning pills to change her skin color - to brown.

The end result is pretty amazing. To get an idea of what she used to look like, take a look at the video above.

And compare that with Bhad Bhabie's new look.

Check out her new look: