Casanova has been forced to apologize after facing backlash for throwing a plastic cup into the ocean while riding on a jet ski over Memorial Day Weekend.

Casanova shared a clip of a local news report on the incident, apologizing for not responding earlier:

 "At the outset, please know my delayed response is the result of embarrassment, humiliation, and total regret. This past holiday weekend, during my stay in Miami, Florida, I took to the oceans’ of the Biscayne Bay to enjoy the day on a yacht, and partake in water motor sport activities. Throughout the day, I made social media recordings of my time at sea. One of the 15-second footages exhibited me taking the last of a drink, and tossing the plastic drinking cup into the ocean. Please accept my most sincere apology for the aforementioned," he wrote on Instagram.

"My actions were not only harmful to the animals of that natural habitat; yet, disrespectful to our environment as a whole.I am an animal, and nature lover," he added. "4 weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Myrtle Beach Safari, to join forces, and shed light on saving Tigers and other rare species. I spent a great deal of time at their exhibitions’, and left with an even greater sense of regard and passion for animals."

The apology comes just days after Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion urged her fans to be more environmentally conscious and is busy organizing a beach clean up.