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Casanova took another trip to The Breakfast Club and of course, his beef with incarcerated rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine was brought up.

A lot of people were shocked when Tekashi and Casanova ended their feud, but Casanova admitted that he made amends because Dj's would not spin his records in the clubs.

“It was other DJ’s and other party promoters that wouldn’t even hit me up no more. That wouldn’t play my music. Because he wouldn’t want my music played. I didn’t want his music play either! I used to shut his shit off all the time. But it was either pick. It was like the Cardi B and Nicki situation. You have some of Nicki people that switched on her and you got some of Cardi people who switched on her!

“I used to ask people in the club, ‘He played my song?’ and they be like, ‘Nah, he played like four 6ix9ine songs’ and I’d be like, ‘That’s crazy.'”

You can peep the full interview below.