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Carlos King On 'RHOA': I Won't Ever Go Back To That Show'

Carlos King, the producer who made Real Housewives of Atlanta blow up to the hit it is today-- says he will never go back to the show.

Fans have been begging him to go back after the past few seasons have been flagging, but he says it'll never happen.

"I won't ever go back to that show. My focus is on my company and I was asked to come back twice since I left. And I'm focused on my company. My company has to be a part of everything that I do. It doesn't make sense for me to go backwards. I left the show because I wanted to focus on my company. Again, that show takes up a lot of your time. And I didn't have much time to give," he told The Jasmine Brand.

He added, "If I was still producing Atlanta Housewives, you would not have 'BET Presents: The Encore.' You guys would not have 'Love & Marriage: Huntsville.' You guys would not have 'Belle Collective.' So I had to leave that show to focus on creating other shows. God is so good. The moment I left Atlanta Housewives, four months later I created 'Love & Marriage: Huntsville.'"