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CARL CRAWFORD: Don’t Believe The Hype, My Label Pays Artist Top Dollar, More Than Anyone Else

Megan Thee Stallion's record label’s head honcho and entertainment mogul, Carl Crawford, is speaking out about his coin & how he actually pays his artists.

Carl owns the music label 1501 Certified Entertainment - which is currently locked in legal drama with Megan. Megan is claiming that her deal was "unfair." But if you listen to Carl’s recent Forbes interview, where he doesn’t mention any names (but we all know who he’s talking about), he gives the tea on how much he pays his artist like, Meg. And it sounds pretty fair to us.

Carl tells Forbes:

“Typically, an artist is only offered what is called a ‘royalty deal’ where they collect an average of 10-12% in royalties, and sometimes less. We have given out profit-share deals, which are completely unheard of, especially for unestablished artists who have never released an album.”

MTO News asked around the industry - and confirmed that what Carl says is 100% true. One insider told us, "if Megan got a profit share deal as an unknown artist with NO album then she’s eating better than some of your favorite A-list artists who are struggling to get as much of the pie as she did from the jump."

So if these are the facts, Carl was handing out sweeter deals to artists at the beginning phases of their careers, more than what most major A-listers were getting at the prime.

The Forbes interview also hints that major labels have a practice of getting in the heads of artists and trying to steal them from smaller independent labels like Carl’s after all the hard work of building them is done.


We heard Megan is still technically under Carl’s label and hope they work it out soon - for the culture.