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Cardi B has a song with Meek on his new album, Championships - and many are saying the "Bodak Yellow" star took a swipe at Nicki.

On the track, "On Me," Cardi says:

"I been hard workin' and humble/ Believe me, I've heard of the mumble/ I'm just gon' leave it alone/'Cause I would put burners to bundles/ B*tches are miserable, they are so typical/ Hating is cheap, not my material/ Look where I'm at run back to years ago/I used to strip, now I keep a different pole / I do not f*ck with your kind, no/ I do not f*ck with your vibe, no/ I am a big, boss b*tch, I do not come in your size, no"

We're not surprised. And with all of the shenanigans Nicki has been pulling behind her back, we'd be disappointed if she didn't take a shot or two.

Nicki just released her video for the "Good Form" remix yesterday featuring Lil' Wayne. In the video, Baddie Gi and Jade, the girls who are gearing up to sue Cardi B, are featured in the video... Obviously to shade Cardi.

So Cardi firing shots on a track with Nicki's ex is fair game. Don't you think?

Listen to the track below.