MTO News has confirmed that Offset and Cardi are officially back together - and we have receipts.

Cardi filmed the video for her hit song MONEY on Monday - and she was wearing her wedding ring. Cardi had removed her wedding ring for a week, to signal that she and husband Offset were separated.

Here's Cardi in NY last week, clearly not wearing her ring:


But here's Cardi filming her Money video on Monday, and she was clearly wearing her ring again. See here:


As MTO News reported, Offset promised to stay faithful to Cardi B if she would take him back. And the Migos rapper even offered up a $10M PENALTY - if he's ever found to be cheating on her again.

We spoke with one of Cardi's friends earlier this week, and they claimed that Cardi was planning on accepting Offset's offer.

And since she's now wearing her ing again, we have to assume that Cardi's decided to give her husband one final chance.

We're glad that the two lovebirds are deciding to work things out. They have.a beautiful daughter together, and they deserve to have a family together.