Cardi On VIDEO Arguing With Offset Side Chick . . . Before They JUMPED THE GIRL!!!

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MTO News broke the news that Cardi B got into a fight with a "bartender" at New York's top strip club Angels. According to people in the club, Cardi was upset that the girl was allegedly SLEEPING with her husband OFFSET.

Well the girl and her sister are now threatening to SUE Cardi for getting them JUMPED in the club.

MTO News obtained a video from the night, which shows CARDI arguing with the girl. As MTO News explained when the news FIRST broke - Cardi accompanied Offset to Angels, because she KNEW the girl was going to be there. And Cardi wore comfortable clothes (no dress or gowns) because she was prepared to GET IT POPPIN.

Here's video of Cardi at the club ARGUING with the girl. Offset seemed to be staying out of it - he didn't even try and calm her down or anything. And Quavo clearly wants NO PART of the drama:


Reports say that he stripper accused of sleeping with Offset was TOLD not to dance that night. She came out anyway, and then Cardi's friends - who are affiliated with the Bloods - jumped the girl.

This is the strippers side of the story:

Cardi B is being accused of getting a NYC STRIPPER JUMPED