Cardi B and Offset's breakup was fake, according to many people on social media. And now there's evidence to support the public's assertion.

After last night's shenanigans at the Rolling Loud festival, it's becoming more and more clear that Cardi and Offset likely staged their breakup, to gain publicity.

Cardi and Offset are now back together officially, MTO News has learned. And they're both trending all over social media.

Officially, Cardi has "taken back" her Migos husband - after he surprised her yesterday, during her Rolling Loud performance.

The Migos rapper interrupted her set, and apologized to her in front of thousands of fans.

Here's video of him interrupting her performance:

And here's video of Cardi supporting her "man" as she calls him in the video. She all but admits that she's taking him back, in this video.

But many suspect that the whole breakup, was staged for publicity. The two are believed to be USING this FAKE breakup narrative, to get publicity. And now MTO News has PROOF.

Our first receipt - is that Cardi's team is IN ON IT. When Offset took to the stage last night to interrupt Cardi - he was helped by CARDI B's PUBLICIST. In this video, you see Offset being brought out on stage by Cardi's publicist Pateientce. 

That's right, Cardi B's team ORCHESTRATED the entire Surprise "interruption":

Here's a screenshot, and other pics of Patience:


Second receipt, the concert promoters were in on the "surprise" also, and used it to sell tickets to the event. Look how they "promoted" the interruption on social media before it happened:


And here's another video of Cardi after the video, with her publicist, trying to pretend that she's not taking him back. But she can't hold her act together, and appears to laugh: