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Cardi Just Hired KRIS JENNER . . . To Join Her Management Team!!! (Cardi Kardashian??)


Cardi B just hired Kris Jenner, to be one of her managers - and bring her clothing and makeup deals MTO News has confirmed. Cardi met with Kris and her favorite daughter Kim, and the three ladies worked out details of their new business arrangement this weekend.

Cardi is currently in Los Angeles, laying low and recovering from her pregnancy. She and Offset purchased a home in a WEALTHY SUBURB of Calabassas a few months back. And while she's on BREAK, she's making some changes to her management structure.

One insider explained, "Cardi will be launching her own makeup line and clothing line." The insider continued, "Kris is going to make her a billionaire like she did Kylie."

We wish Cardi the best, but she really needs to WATCH HERSELF around those Kardashians . . .

Back in June, while Cardi was still pregnant, the Kardashian-Jenner momager commented on the rapper’s latest Instagram post to offer up her services.

“Wait can I be the midwife?? Just thinking this through…” Jenner, 62, wrote underneath a video of a very pregnant Cardi B dancing along to her hit track “I Like It,” which she captioned “HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!”