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Cardi B hasn't release pics of her daughter Kulture - because she's scared of trolls.

The singer has yet to post any photos of her and Offset’s baby girl on social media, and Cardi announced that she's holding back pics on purpose.

According to ET, Cardi told them that the reason she hasn’t posted a pic of Kulture is because, “I’m scared of sharing her to the world. There are so many mean people out there.”

That doesn’t mean that Cardi isn’t tempted to, though. “Sometimes I do want to show people how beautiful and how precious she is,” she continued. “She’s so precious…There’s a lot of people that have crazy minds, you know. I want to protect her! She’s my little buggy.” 

Recently Cardi B shared the first video of her daughter Kulture on her Instagram Story —with one caveat: Kulture's head was left out of the frame. (Kulture's pink and white onesie with the words "50% Kiari (Offset's real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus), 50% Cardi, and 100% Kulture," meanwhile, was clearly visible.)

Cardi B gave birth to her and Offset's daughter Kulture back in July. 

It's a sad world when you have to HIDE your children, all because of evil internet trolls.

Here are pics of Cardi's daughter Kulture, for those interested: