Cardi B's TOP GOON Goes On LIVE . . . SNITCHES On Herself!! ('I Violate B*tches . . . For Cardi')

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Cardi B's TOP GOON explained that she is LOYAL to the Bodak Yellow singer, and plans to FIGHT anyone that messes with Cardi. The woman, who goes by the name Remy Roja, took to Live yesterday to explain how she FOUGHT two strippers for Cardi.

The incident happened, inside a New York strip club two weeks ago. Remy told fans that she was one of the goons that ATTACKED the strippers, because one was having an affair with Offset. Remy explained, "[The girl] was talking to Cardi's m*thaf*cking man."

Remy claims that the girl made a gesture towards Cardi, and that Remy jumped across the bar and attacked the girl.

Remy also claims that she is preparing to FIGHT Nicki Minaj's friend Rah Ali. Rah was at the Harper's event, when Cardi attacked Nicki.