Cardi B's Sister: Nicki Minaj Is A DRUG ADDICT!!!

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There have been rumors for months - that Nicki Minaj had a "pill" problem. Some, including popular podcaster Joe Budden even suggested that Nicki Minaj may be a drug addict, addicted to pills. Well Cardi B's sister Hennessey just added fuel to the fire. She appears to confirm the reports of Nicki's drug problem.

Cardi B's sister suggested that Nicki Minaj is a drug addict. 

It all popped off last night, when Cardi B performed at the Global Citizens concert. After the performance - Cardi B was being criticized. Many fans were saying that Cardi's performance was lackluster.

Well Cardi's sister fought back, exposing Nicki's alleged drug problem. Here's what she wrote:


And afterwards, Cardi's sister doubled down on her story. She didn't back down one bit - after characterizing Nicki Minaj as a "crackhead." Look:


Joe Budden said earlier this summer that Nicki’s latest online stunts point to drug use on his podcast and he doesn’t sound like he’s being facetious with his opinion either. A concerned Joey said:

‘Let’s all try to guess the drugs that Nicki Minaj is on. Somebody should watch her usage. Nicki Minaj is 100% on something.’

I’ve said this on this podcast a bunch, because Meek talked about it. Meek talked about him being hooked on pills while he was with her. I know that battle all too well, I’m not trying to be funny here. I really think that somebody should intervene, it’s getting progressively worse.