BREAKING NEWS: Cardi B's Sister BLASTS Black People . . . Says 'It's Not LATINO's FAULT . . . Slave Owners TAUGHT US SPANISH'!!!


Cardi B’s sister Hennessey is facing backlash – for firing SHOTS at Black people.

This isn’t the first time that Hennessey has made controversial statements against Black people. And when has that ever ended well for ANYBODY?

Last week, Hennessey started an ONLINE ARGUMENT with Love And Hip Hop’s Amara La Negra – when Amara dared to speak out about racism in the Latino community. La Negra was forced to respond to Hennessey Carolina via an Instagram post on the Shaderoom, saying:

“Mama i have never said shes not a hard working girl I have always admire her iv said it in every interview im not putting her down…and she deserves everything god is blessing her with cause shes worked for it. I think your misunderstanding what Im saying..”

The aspiring stylist seems determined to keep herself relevant y making off the wall statements. As much as we love that she supports her famous sister, s it time for her to be silent and clap from the sidelines? It seems as though every time she opens her mouth, she's bringing more drama and Cardi B already spends enough time defending her beau, Offset - she shouldn't need to have to continually jump to her sister's defense too!

In a rant on social media, Hennessey had this to say:

"It's not Latinos fault that their salve (slave) owners taught the Spanish!!! ya need to leave them alone!!!"

But last night, she went even further. You can read her full statements in the screenshots below.

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