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Cardi B appears to be suffering from premature aging - according to new close up pics that were released online.

The close of pics of the Bodak Yellow singer were released, and they show that Cardi has wrinkles surrounding her mouth. Most women do not get wrinkled that deep until they reach their late 40s.

Premature aging is a medical condition called progeria. There are a lot of causes for progeria, including two very rare inherited conditions, Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome and Werner syndrome. In both conditions, skin changes that indicate premature aging include: Atrophy (skin thinning and loss of elasticity), wrinkles, and facial creases.

The most common cause of progeria is prolonged stress.

Here's the pic of her face, and a close up of her mouth:


Recently Cardi B returned to her former elementary school and reconnected with her first grade teacher so naturally she's feeling nostalgic. According to TMZ, the Bronx-born MC hit up P.S. 128 Audubon earlier this month in NYC's Washington Heights neighborhood. Cardi did 3 years there ... 1st through 3rd grades -- and we're told she popped in unannounced during lunchtime ... rocking a sweet orange 'do.

The surprise drop-in also made for a sweet reunion between Cardi and her 1st-grade teacher, Yvette Coporan, who's still teaching at the school after all these years. They posed for a pic -- CB went duck face, while her teach opted for a more classic "CHEESE."

Obviously, Cardi's come a long way since those days -- as evidenced by her incredible success this year and, more recently, the sweet house she bought for her mom.