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A man that police are saying is Cardi B's "muscle" was just arrested by federal agents. He's facing up to 40 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

A Brooklyn man named Jeffrey Bush was taken into custody on Thursday for selling more than $12,000 worth of crack. Federal agents stormed Jeffrey's home and discovered a bag “believed to be crack,” pills, weed, a scale and nearly $15,000 in cash.

Jeffrey pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn federal court and is currently being held without bail. Prosecutors claim that because of his connection to Cardi B, the alleged gang member is a “flight risk.”

Cops raided Bush’s Williamsburg apartment Thursday morning, recovering a bag filled with what they believe to be crack, as well as weed, pills and $15,000 in cash, authorities said Thursday.

They also discovered a scale they believe he may have used to weigh drugs and claim Bush converted cocaine into crack in the apartment he shared with two young children and his girlfriend.

At least six alleged Bush drug deals were captured on surveillance camera, prosecutors said. One of those allegedly depicts Bush bringing a young child with him as he’s carrying 60 grams of crack to meet a buyer.

According to prosecutors, Jeffrey is a known member of the 5-9 Brims Bloods street gang. He stands accused of slinging a total of 280 grams of crack in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at least six times between February and April.

Prosecutors say that Jeffrey was also with Cardi and her entourage at the Angels Strip Club when they allegedly assaulted two female bartenders. Cardi believed one of the women had slept with her husband, Offset.