Cardi B's Husband Offset CAUGHT Lurking On Insta-Model's Page!!


Female rap star Cardi B's husband Offset is trending on Twitter this morning because last night, he was caught lurking on another woman's Instagram story.

And it wasn't just any other woman. Offset was lurking on the page of a pretty young Instagram model. And shortly after appearing to stalk the young beauty, Offset began following her.

And here's photographic proof:


And here are pics of the beautiful young model:


Here's some details on the pretty young model that Offset's following. Her name is Haitian Bratttt and she's a 20 year old New York gal. She's young, pretty, and has plenty of attitude. And she considers herself to be bisexual.

Here are some pics of the woman:

This isn't the first time Offset was been "caught" creeping on Cardi. The Migos rapper has been caught red-handed, at least a half dozen times.

Last year, in fact, Cardi separated with Offset, after she caught him sleeping with another female rapper - one of Cardi's rivals.