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Cardi Bs publicist Patience is coming under fire - for threatening to slap an elderly Australian woman's face - and calling her a "b*tch".

It all popped off in the Perth airport in Australia shortly after Cardi and her entourage exited the plane. An elderly woman saw Cardi and asked for a picture. Cardi kept walking and the elderly lady got upset..

The elderly lady then said to Cardi, "No wonder your husband left you." 

That comment caused Cardi's publicist Patience to flip out on the old lady. Patience said, "B*tch I'll smack you, don't ever come out your face like that about her m*thaf*ckin husband."

Here's the video:

Cardi B let people know, in no uncertain terms, that she was off limits as she touched down in Perth, Australia. 

The rapper made a dramatic and emphatic entrance, covering herself up with an oversized black and yellow blanket, obscuring her face. At one point, she also extended her middle finger, letting people know how she felt by the attention she was getting. 

The "I Like It" singer, who is scheduled to perform in Western Australia on Sunday, recently admitted to "hooking up" with estranged husband Offset after she dramatically split with him after he allegedly tried to set up a threesome with Instagram model Summer Bunni and rapper Cuban Doll while she was pregnant with the couple's daughter, Kulture Kiari.

Cardi B came out this morning to defend Patience's actions: